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Guaranteed Interview Package

The Guaranteed Interview Package is a fantastic way to get fast track your way to a new career. For just £199, our team will rewrite your CV, then distribute it amongst our leading recruitment partners (including all of the major job boards) to ensure that you are fully visible to recruiters and companies who are hiring.

We guarantee to get you at least 3 interviews with this package.

Just £199

How the CV Rewriting works

A CV is the first point of contact with a potential employer or recruiter and can be the difference between getting an interview, or never being contacted again.

The first step of the Guaranteed Interview process is to supercharge your CV, giving you the best possible document selling yourself.


Add Completed Courses

If you’ve completed one of our premium course diplomas, we will add a list of all of the certifications to your CV to show potential employers how well qualified you are.


Spelling & Grammar Check

We use a triple check method to go through and check both the grammar and spelling. Nothing turns off a HR Manager more than a spelling mistake on a CV.


Rewrite Previous Experience

Previous experience is extremely important to employers and can show that you already have the necessary skills for their role. We will also help with filling in employment gaps. 


Insert High Value Keywords

Recruiters will find you by searching for high density keywords in their CV finding software. We will ensure that your CV is full of these keywords, giving you the best chance of being found.


Add Any Missing Details

Is your address on the CV? Are you missing a period of work? We will look out for, and add in, any missing details that recruiters will typically search for.


Boost Introduction

The introduction/summary is an extremely important part of a CV where you need to sell yourself. We’ll improve yours based on years of experience, knowing what recruiters look for. 

CV Distribution Service

5000 Clients

As we’re part of the TalentSpa group, your CV will be posted out to our network of over 5000 UK-based clients covering the whole country.

Job Board Partners

We will also post your CV onto the databases of our nationwide job board partners, including every major brand name.

TalentSpa Technology

We’ll put your CV forward to TalentSpa Technology, part of the TalentSpa Group who are a leading recruitment agency and experts at placing candidates.

Our Job Board Partners

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