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Customer Service Career

Looking to develop your skills in Customer Services?

This tailored course will boost your CV and give you the core skills needed to get a job in Customer Services or start your own business.

Course Content

Customer Service Career Bundle

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What courses are included?

Customer Care Certification
Dealing with Customer Complaints Certification
Managing and Improving Customer Service Process Certification
Dealing with Difficult People and Situations Certification
Consumer Rights Awareness Certification
Customer Retention Certification
Caring for Your Customers’ Needs Certification
Consumer Rights Awareness Certification
Rescuing Difficult Customers Certification
Electronic Customer Service Certification
Telephone Customer Services Certification
Face to Face Customer Service Certification
Communication Skills Certification
Customer Relationship Management Certification
Learning Impressive Telephone Techniques Certification

For just £99 you will gain access to 16 CPD certified courses, access to a state of the art members login area and interactive video learning materials for 12 months.

Will this improve my chances of being employed?

Yes, studies have shown that as much as 92% of employers who saw extra training on a candidates CV saw it as a positive addition, meaning they were more likely to hire them. So, if you’re up against a very similar candidate, additional training could be the boost you need to get hired.

Will this help me get a promotion if I’m already employed?

Similar to getting hired, the chances of being promoted are dramatically increased if you have additional training from outside of work. It’s a fantastic way to show initiative and determination if you’re spending your free time bettering yourself, so that you can do your job better.