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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I complete the worksheets?

Some courses are accompanied by optional worksheets. To complete the worksheet download the PDF. You can then enter your answers directly on to the PDF document. You can then either save or print these for your records.

How can I download my certificate?

Once you have completed your course you can download a copy of your certificate by visiting your dashboard and clicking on the certificate icon next to the course name.

How do I take notes?

You can take notes by clicking on the red “take notes” button located in the bottom right corner of all modules.

How do I access my notes?

You can access your notes either by revisiting the module and then clicking on the red “take notes” button. Alternatively you can access your notes by visiting your profile page / dashboard and clicking on the “my course notes” button next to your name.

Can I retake a test I have previously passed?

No. This is not possible.

What devices is my course compatible with?

All courses are compatible with all majorly supported modern browsers and devices.

What is the pass mark for the end of module tests?

The pass mark for end of module test is 80% (4/5).

How many attempts can I have at the tests?

You receive 3 attempts at each test.

How can I view a previously completed module?

You can view previously completed modules by visiting your dashboard and clicking on the “revisit modules button” next to the name of the course you wish to restudy

How can I add additional courses to my account?

If you course administrator has allowed this option you can add additional courses to your account. To do this visit your profile page and select the course you wish to add from the “Add courses to your account section”. Once you have selected the course(s) you wish to add click on the “add courses” button to make them available in your account.

How long do I get to study my courses?

Each module has a recommended study duration. However you are free to spend as long as you like on each module. We recommend you study each module until you are confident enough to take the end of module test.

What is the pass mark for the end of course tests?

The pass mark for end of course tests is 70% (21/30)

What happens if I fail a test 3 times?

If you fail a test for a third time you will automatically fail the course. You will then need to contact your course administrator or our student support team for them to grant you permission to take the course again.

How do I get the worksheets marked?

The optional worksheets are self-assessed. You will find answer and tips at the end of the PDF document. If you need assistance with your worksheets please contact our student support team.

How can I receive further help?

If you require further assistance please click on the support tab in your profile. Here you can view help videos and contact our student support team. Alternatively email our support team:

How do I change my password?

To change your password visit your dashboard and scroll down to the “edit your profile “section. Enter your new password twice in the required fields, then press “save changes”. Please note that you will automatically be logged and you will need to log in again with your new credentials.

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